How would Attenborough vote in the Australian federal election?


Sir David Attenborough recently said:

"Leaders of the world, you must lead. The continuation of civilisations and the natural world upon which we depend is in your hands."

In classic Dave style, he is right. Whilst we believe in the power of changing individual behaviour, we also recognise the might of political leaders in challenging big issues like climate change. So, we decided to pay close attention to the upcoming federal election to try and better understand what Australian political parties are doing for our planet. And which party is best working to save it.

Here are three resources that we found useful when starting our climate policy search. Read widely and deeply so that you too can form your own opinion (and so we aren’t all yelling into an echo chamber). Happy researching!

(Photo by the United Nations, 2019)

(Photo by the United Nations, 2019)


The Conversation: Australia’s major parties’ climate policies side-by-side

This article provides links to the Liberal’s Climate Solution Package, Labor’s Climate Change Action Plan, and the Green’s Renew Australia Plan for some introductory reading. Whilst the article doesn’t go into too much detail itself, it provides links to extra readings throughout which are really helpful in building base knowledge of both local and international policies on climate change. This is a nice bite sized article to get you in the mood.

Vote for the Planet

Vote for the Planet is a volunteer run website full of open-source goodness that’s based on in-depth policy research and collaboration. The ‘How To Vote’ tab will help you to decide which candidate you are best positioned to vote for in your electorate in relation to climate policy. There is also a ‘Scorecard’ tab that compares all the major political parties against a set of categories related to political issues in Australia (e.g. Stop Adani) as well as policy recommendations outlined by the International Panel on Climate Change (e.g. net zero emissions by 2050). This is a very thorough resource so prepare to deep dive.

ABC Vote Compass

This tool, developed by political scientists, asks a series of polarising questions to see how your values align with current major party policy. It is interesting to see where you sit in terms of values alignment but also great to drill down into particular issues (beyond climate change) to better gauge which party you should vote for.

Go forth Kua friends and if you find any other useful reads or resources, we would love to hear about it.