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You shouldn’t choose our coffee just because it tastes better. You should choose it because it’s better for the world. Here’s what we mean:


Coffee that is fair.

Through our friends at Zukuka Bora, a farmers-first collective on Mt Elgon, we are able to buy coffee direct. This means no middle men and no unfair payments. In fact, Zukuka Bora farmers are paid better than Fair Trade wages, enabling them to invest in their land and their families. A portion of our green coffee prices is also directed towards education programs, helping to establish sustainable farming practices across the Mt Elgon region.



Coffee that is circular.

Every single year, thousands of tonnes of spent coffee grounds are sent to landfill. This is crazy. Coffee works wonders on community gardens and when used in skincare products, it has naturally exfoliating and reinvigorating properties. That’s why we lend our coffee - we want it back! We donate the spent grounds to local organisations that can put them to good use. It’s called the circular economy. Our solution to the fact that Australia wastes 75 thousand tonnes of coffee every year.

We partner with people who give our grounds a second life. This is the circular economy in action.


Community Gardens In Sydney.

Raise The Bar - Natural skincare made from coffee grounds.


Coffee that is impactful.

Uganda has felt the long-lasting socioeconomic consequences of decades of war. During our visits, we met with amazing farmers and dedicated development experts to better understand how to give back. We realised that women’s empowerment was the best possible cause we could support. That’s why for every six kilograms of coffee brewed, we put one woman through the Cents for Seeds program. Each woman receives a seed-loan and agricultural training, enabling her to lead her own journey out of poverty.


Kua coffee is a not-for-profit organisation. Coffee is our vehicle for change. To learn more, share ideas or discuss partnerships, please get in touch.

Tastes good, does good.
— Yewy, Solar Analytics.
Kua coffee is coffee with soul.
— Jesse, Canva.

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