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Unleash your inner social entrepreneur.

Kua does world-positive coffee for workplaces, inspired by new thinking.

From start-ups to industry leaders, one to one-thousand cups, Kua is your sustainable choice.

Nothing inspires us more than when people like you passionately push for Kua in their workplace.

You can spark change in your workplace today.




This is a true story.

Riley started a new job. After two months, she inspired her new office to switch to Kua coffee.

One week later, there we were. Dressed as a Mariachi band with three fluffy dogs, we marched through her workplace kitchen, playing the rhythm of a revolutionary new coffee experience.

The office erupted in cheers. They sipped and smiled as we slipped down the fire escape and into our freedom bus fueled by recycled coffee grounds.

Riley was promoted the next week.


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