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1. Pick your package.

We don’t mind where you’re from. Corporate or creative. Tech startup or construction firm.

Whether you need quality coffee beans or a machine fit-out, we have you covered. Ready for your tastebuds to dance?

Let’s start something special.

2. Receive your starter pack.

As a Kua partner office, you receive two reusable canisters. 

For making coffee, there’s the fresh coffee canister. For afterwards, there’s the used coffee canister. Simple.

Our fresh coffee canister represents people. The coffee inside is sourced from Uganda’s Bugisu region. All profits from their sale are reinvested to empower women in northern Uganda. It’s the fairest, freshest coffee you can get.

Our spent coffee canister represents our planet. The used coffee inside challenges us to rethink waste. Kua doesn’t believe in waste, we believe in regeneration. With Kua, re-imagine the life of your coffee beyond the cup.



3. Start your subscription.

Each fortnight, we deliver fresh coffee to your office.

We pop in and drift the aromas of a fresh roast along the way. It seems to really excite people. “Blackcurrant!”, “Chocolate-apple!”, we hear them say. That’s it, Joan, that’s Kua coffee!

We then use a smart little thing called reverse logistics to take your used coffee grounds to a better place. From there it is used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser in a local community garden, or fed into the development of our first circular innovation: a sustainable handwash.

A Kua coffee subscription is the tastiest environmental and social initiative you can give your team. Experience it every single morning.

4. Enjoy life-changing coffee.

Every Kua partner office is a new member of the family.

It's the new office water-cooler, only much... cooler.

By brewing impact every morning, your team joins our journey. Your company’s impact is shared with the world through authentic and engaging storytelling. We aim to challenge and move your team through the world’s fairest coffee.

Let’s spark a co-creation for good.




Coffee only

  • For businesses with existing equipment.

  • Fortnightly coffee delivery.

  • Kua welcome session.

  • No lock-in contract.


50-250 cups per week

  • Compact automatic espresso machine rental.

  • Kua welcome and equipment training session.

  • Fortnightly coffee delivery.

  • Monthly maintenance.

  • No lock-in contract.


250+ cups per week

  • Powerful automatic espresso machine rental.

  • Kua welcome and equipment training session.

  • Fortnightly coffee delivery.

  • Monthly maintenance.

  • Terms vary, ask us below.


Request a Kua care package.

In Sydney? Your office might be eligible for a free taste of the Kua experience.

Find out now, your team needs it!

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